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Is Your Home Being Invaded By Persistent Pests?

Paying the mortgage on your home or the rent on your business shouldn’t include providing a place of residence for pests such as gophers, moles, or rodents. Unfortunately, many people are struggling with persistent pests just like this, and getting rid of them is almost as difficult as getting rid of your live-in brother-in-law. Sometimes, home remedies may help, but for persistent and recurring pest problems, the best thing to do is to call a reliablepest control company.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, with the advent of warmer weather, ants are not satisfied with raiding the occasional picnic and will infest a home or business. Throw in some squirrels, birds, and warm weather lovers, and your home can feel like it’s under siege. A pest control company can take care of all your persistent pests in as little as one visit.

The expense of the damage caused by any of these pests can add up to thousands of dollars. Not only can they cost you a bundle, many of them spread disease and illness. A pest control company has expertise in each species and what needs to be done to eradicate them from your property. Specialized techniques are required for each type of pest, and while you might try to employ advice from well-meaning friends or family, most infestations require handling by experts for optimal results.

There is no poison or spraying for squirrels, so they will have to be physically removed and all access points plugged. There are several ways to deal with gophers and moles.  However, you have to identify which pest is plaguing you before you can decide the best way to deal with the situation. Many people think fumigating is the best plan of action.  But if you have children or pets this might not be the best idea. You can discuss your unique problem with your pest control company, explore the different options and decide what’s the best choice in pest removal.

Although birds might not be considered a pest, they can be if they are nesting under your eaves in great numbers. Besides filling spaces with unsightly nests, their excrement can pose a health hazard. A pest control company can clean out the nests, block access, and insure that birds find somewhere else to build and breed.

A pest infestation can occur at any time, although the spring and summer months are the worst. Often, preparation can help reduce the impact of the yearly invasion, but regular maintenance and visits from a pest control company can keep the worst of it at bay, saving you money, time, and frustration at trying to deal with the varmints on your own.


Squirrels Driving You Nutty?

You see them everywhere – in parks, on telephone poles and scurrying across fences. They're those bushy-tailed squirrels that seem to always be busily foraging for acorns, nuts or anything else they can (ahem!) squirrel away for later. Sure, they may look cute and it may be fun to feed them in the park, but not everything about your friendly neighborhood squirrel is quite so cuddly.

Squirrels aren't able to digest cellulose, so they have a diet that is rich in proteins, fats and carbohydrates – something your doctor probably wouldn't suggest to you. But because they're so active, squirrel bodies are able to handle that regimen with ease. It also means that the green vegetables in your garden are a ready target for their feeding time. To make matters worse, in an effort to get at some of your green goodies, the damage they cause may exceed what they actually eat.

While we love to think of squirrels happily munching on nuts, leaves and berries, they are omnivores and won't hesitate to dig up insects or even small mice. This can wreak havoc on fields, farms and gardens as the rodents will dig up plants, seeds and more to get to whatever they're looking to devour for dinner.

In many instances, the squirrel's prosperity has a lot to do with the (oftentimes unintentional) generosity of humans – something that is quite in abundance around Southern California. Instead of searching out a tree to nest in, squirrels may make themselves at home in a your attic – setting up leaves and fluff and getting comfortable out of the reach of predators. Likewise, pet food left out in the open, unattended garbage cans or birdseed left in reachable spots offer an easy food source. Doing your best to limit access points to your attic and removing any easy to reach foodstuffs can help prevent squirrels from becoming pests. Always remember that rodent prevention is usually the best rodent control.

Aah, but sometimes it's already too late for preventative measures. The squirrels may have already invaded and now you're on the defensive trying to get rid of them. For many homeowners, dealing with one or two squirrels can be more of a nuisance than an actual pest, but if you have experienced a larger number of rodents beginning to get comfortable around your lawn or garden, you may want to consider several options to get them to move out.

Traps, toxicants and flooding are among the methods that can lessen or rid you of your squirrely situation. But keep in mind that there are varying costs depending on which option you choose and not every option is right for every situation. Also be aware that different methods of rodent control and deterrent may affect your plants and shrubs differently. Perhaps you're not up to doing the job yourself. Call the best Southern California pest control company that can advise you on the best way to handle your problem and do the job completely and efficiently.

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