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What Everybody Ought to Know About Diseases and Dangers of Rodents

Rodent control is very important, as they carry and pass on all sorts of diseases. Some of these diseases are not always contracted through direct contact with the rodent, merely eating or drinking items that have been contaminated by rodent urine or feces will often spread diseases.

One of the deadliest diseases carried by rodents is the Bubonic Plague. You may have heard this called the Black Death, which was responsible for the death of about 1/3 of the European population in the 14th century. Bubonic Plague is carried by rodents and can also be contracted by the fleas that surround it. If you are bitten by the flea, you run the risk of this disease. Although cases of this are now rare, you have occasional outbreaks in Asia and every so often in the western United States.

Tularemia is another rodent born disease. It is also called rabbit fever and is transmitted by fleas or ticks from an infected rodent. It can also be transmitted by the bite of an infected rodent but this is rare.

Without rodent control, you may also be exposed throughout North and South America to Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. This spreads by breathing in dust contaminated by rodent urine or droppings, direct contact with rodent urine or droppings and sometimes by actual bites.

House mice may carry Lymphocytic Chorio-Meningitis. Again this is spread by breathing in contaminated dust, direct contact with mouse urine and feces or the rare bite. This disease is found worldwide.

Rat Bite Fever is another disease found worldwide. This is caused by a bite or a scratch from an infected rodent. It may also be picked up from handling the carcass of the infected rodent or by consuming food or water that has been contaminated by an infected rodent.

Another disease caused by lack of rodent control is Salmonellosis. This is one of the more common rodent borne diseases worldwide and can be contracted by eating or drinking food or water contaminated by rat feces or urine.

All of these diseases are potentially deadly. Most start with flu like symptoms and progress. With Plague and Tularemia there are usually large and sometimes black boils that form on the skin. If you suspect you have any of these diseases it is best to seek medical care.

Of course, even better is the prevention of any of these rodent borne diseases. This can best be done through the monthly use of a pest control expert. If you have a pest extermination contract your home will be inspected once a month and treated for rodent problems.

One of the best companies for rodent control is Gopher Patrol. They are easy to reach by on your computer. Gopher Patrol ensures that you maintain a rodent free life.


Here Is a Method Used to Keep Rodents Out of Your Attic

If you have rodents in your attic, you should take several steps for rodent control. The first is to identify what type of rodent infestation you have, as different rodents will need to be treated in different ways.  Before treating the rodents, you should make sure that the entrance way to your attic is plugged so that no more rodents may get in. Look around at attic vents. You should probably put a screen over these, as rodents can get in through the smallest of holes. Check all around your eaves for small holes. These may be an entrance to your attic. Plug the holes with steel wool and calk around the wool to make sure it stays in place.  Make sure you find all the holes and fill them for the best rodent control. There may be more than one hole as the rodents like to have more than one way of entry.

After plugging all holes and making sure that rodents can no longer enter your attic, it is time to exterminate the rodents already in the attic. This may not be as easy as you think.

If you only have mice, they are relatively easily exterminated by the use of poison and traps. Roof rats on the other hand are a different story.  Rodent control of roof rats is hard because they are wary of traps and poisons. They may ignore poisons that are placed in their normal path for days or even weeks. The same is true for a trap that suddenly appears.  For rodent control of roof rats or other rodents that are hard to get rid of, do it yourself jobs may not work. It is best to call a professional rodent exterminator to do the job.

Your professional exterminator will inspect your home and make sure all openings to your attic are sealed. As soon as this is done, they will insure that no new rodents are coming into your attic. They will then go about the job of exterminating whatever pests are trapped in your attic.  Since they are thoroughly trained in rodent control, they will know exactly what type of rodent infestation you have and the best method of treating it. Even if you have a bunch of crafty roof rats, he will be able to get rid of them for you.  This will also involve several follow up trips to remove the dead rodents. This is important as they will create a terrible odor if not removed.

After extermination of the rodents, rodent control will involve vigilance to make sure that no new holes are created in your attic for more rodents to enter. A simple monthly contract with your rodent control specialist will take care of this. They will inspect your home monthly and treat it for rodent control so that your problem will be taken care of before it starts.

For the best in rodent control, visit Not only will they seal up entry holes, treat the rodent infestation and revisit for removal, they have a six month guarantee against future infestation.


Mice and Men (You Can Call Us The Rat Guys)

Mice like rats can invade a home very quickly and can cause immediate damage if left unchecked. Because of their small size they only require a hole the size of a nickel to enter into your home. The damage they can cause to your home can cost much, much more than a nickel. Weather you have mice in home, mice in the attic, or mice in the garage, The Rat Squad can help!

Luckily, Gopher Patrol (The Home Of The Rat Squad) is here to save you money and the headache of mice that have entered into the home. Our skilled technicians are experts at rodent exclusion and trapping. We have mastered the art of mice exclusion and canhelp you in getting rid of those mice. Our mice inspection is free of charge, so why not call us today? Our technician will determine all the entry points in to your home. Our technicians are experts at finding all the little openings that mice can use to get into your home. After we have sealed up the entry points in to your home we move to the next step of our mice control service, trapping!

Mice trapping sounds easy enough, but can be difficult if you don't know where to place the traps or which method would work the best. Sometimes glue boards can offer a much better catch rate depending on the situation. That's where Gopher Patrol comes in. Our technician are experts, and have been taking care of mice in Southern California for over 15 years. Don't call the bug guy or the termite man, call you local Mice Control experts, Gopher Patrol. Call us today at 1-888-466-4674 or fill out our Schedule an Appointment form. 


Have a Yard You Can Be Proud Of...Without Gopher Mounds! 

You have a beautiful lawn. One day you discover a large mound right in the middle of it, and next to the mound is a hole. After watching the hole, you see a gopher. It is time for Gopher control.  Unfortunately, you know nothing about gopher control. You try the old rumor about putting a hose down the gopher hole. You have also heard of putting chewing gum down the tunnel. Neither of these methods work!

Next, you go to the hardware store and get gopher traps. You also buy some pellets to poison the gopher. The pellets are not actually the right kind, as you have to be licensed to buy the correct poison for gopher control. You try these and they don’t work! You are at your wits end trying to discover a means for getting rid of the gopher. Meanwhile, he is literally eating your yard.

Truly, the best way to manage gopher control is to call someone who specializes in this area of pest control. Within a few treatments your yard can be free of gophers. Traps may be used, but the difference is that the gopher removal specialist knows how to use these traps and bait them correctly.

It will usually take two visits by the gopher control specialist to rid your yard of gophers. As all yards are different, this may vary accordingly. Be sure you are clear on what the gopher control treatment will be and what to expect to pay.  After several treatments, you now have a gopher free yard. There is one thing to keep in mind. After a gopher has been in your yard, it is likely that some of his friends may decide to move in. This can be easily handled.

Most gopher control companies offer a monthly contract. This will include a monthly inspection and a treatment to keep your yard gopher free. This will be less expensive than waiting to see another gopher hole and starting again from scratch. Plus, you won’t run the risk of having your yard damaged by future gopher infestations. Remember, by the time you see the gopher’s mound a gopher may have done almost irreparable damage to your yard.

When looking for gopher control specialists, there is no need to conduct an extensive search. All you have to do is log on to your computer and visit Gopher Patrol is a company that specializes in ridding your yard of gophers. They know exactly what to do, so there is no trial and error. After using them your yard will be gopher free and you will be able to have a yard you can be proud of. 


What Everyone Should Know About Gopher Removal

Gopher removal is not easy. You may try several home remedies like flooding, poisons, and traps. Flooding the hole usually does not work. The poisons that work usually have a strychnine base, and you have to have a license to buy them. Traps may work, but you have to know exactly where to place them or you end up with nothing but frustration.

Gopher control is best handled by gopher control specialists. Gopher control specialists know exactly what works to get rid of gophers so there is no hit and miss tactic used.

There is really only two ways to insure that gopher control works. These are the use of poison and the use of traps.  The poison will be strychnine based and the reason you must have a license to use it is that if handled the wrong way, it can be dangerous to your family and pets. A gopher control specialist knows how to use it to eliminate the gopher while insuring the safety of your family. They will know exactly where in the gopher tunnel to place the poison so that only the gopher will be affected.  This is the most effective way of dealing with gopher control. It may take two or more treatments, but your gopher problem will go away.

The only other effective way to get rid of a gopher is to use traps. There are various type traps, but the best type is one that kills the gopher upon his entrance, somewhat like a mouse trap. Again, this may not have worked when you tried to trap the gopher on your own. The gopher control specialist is trained in the use of these traps. They will know how to place the traps so that the gopher is lured into them. After the gopher is trapped, your gopher problem should be cured as usually the gopher hole contains only one gopher.

The most important thing to remember in gopher control is that it is a job best left to professionals. The sooner you employ a gopher control specialist, the better. Untreated gophers can damage not only your lawn and garden, but trees and underground cables. The longer a gopher is left unattended, the more damage is likely to occur and the harder and more expensive it will be to repair this damage.

Also remember that once you have a gopher, the more likely it is you will have another gopher. Your gopher control specialist will have a monthly contract available that you may take out. This will include monthly inspections and gopher treatment as necessary.

For the best in gopher control visit This is a company that specializes in gopher control. They will be able to help you with all of your gopher problems. They are fully trained in gopher control and use the above methods to keep your yard beautiful and gopher free.

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