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Gopher Control Season Has Begun in Riverside

Gophers in Riverside have made their move and gopher season is in full swing. But don't worry a gopher control company is available to help. Gopher control in Riverside can be tough if the right company isn't chosen. Gopher Patrol has been serving Riverside for over 17 years and they are the longest running gopher control company in Southern California. Richard Hernandez, Service Manager forGopher Patrol, has been with the company since the beginning and it would be hard to find another technician who has more experience than he does at gopher removal.

"We are a family owned business and have been serving Riverside since we began," Richard says, "Gopher control is as more about experience than the chemicals you put into the ground." Richard goes on to explain that with all the new laws and regulations in place the most effective treatment method, Fumitoxin, is no longer available for most residential properties and experience is the most valuable method. Knowing gopher habits and tendencies really helps in determining the best approach and best treatment method for that job.

Gopher control trapping and baiting are still effective methods if done correctly. Richard isn't the only gopher expert Gopher Patrol has! Riverside gopher control technicians have been working with Gopher Patrol for almost a decade. Gopher Patrol's main office is located in Riverside as well and they recently announced that they offer same day service for new customers in Riverside for gopher control.

"We found that customers were having a hard time finding someone who could help us when we needed," Richard states, "So we answered the call from Riverside residents and offered same day service."

In Riverside gopher control is best left to the experts, don't try the bug guy or an inexperienced company looking to cash in on the gopher outbreak. Call the experts and longest running gopher control company in Riverside, Gopher Patrol.

Gopher Patrol can be reached at 1-888-466-4674 or visit them at They also can be found on Facebook and Twitter or you can email them at customerservice(at)gopherpatrol(dot)com.


Gopher Control Season in in Full Swing in San Diego

Gopher Patrol is offering gopher control in San Diego and just in time. Heavy gopher activity in San Diego County shows signs that gopher season is in full swing in Southern California. With large open areas and uninhabited areas, San Diego is prime real estate for gophers and other rodents looking to set up residence. San Diego's warm year round weather is another factor in heavy gopher activity. "Gophers in Southern California don't hibernate like they do in other parts of the U.S.," states Richard Hernandez, Service Manager for Gopher Patrol. "This year is already showing signs of being another bad year for gophers." Since 1998 Gopher Patrol has been offering gopher control services for residents of Southern California. San Diego has proven to be a safe haven for gophers. Gopher Patrol offers a variety of methods to help get rid of gophers from gassing to trapping to baiting.

Gopher control is a much more difficult service than general pest control. Gophers are underground and because they dig new tunnels there is no way to keep gophers from entering your property. Don't fear, Gopher Patrol has treatment plans designed to fight gophers as they appear. They offer a monthly maintenance program where they will inspect and treat for gophers monthly. They also offer free follow up visits at no extra charge if gophers appear in between services. "We can't stop gophers from appearing, but as soon as they do you can call us out and we will get rid of them," Richard states. Home remedies to treat for gophers are numerous and cover everything from sticking a hose into the gopher hole to putting chewing gum in the open holes. "The only problem with those methods are that generally open holes are left open for a reason," Richard says. "Gophers leave those openings to allow for ventilation sometimes but mostly to push dirt around while they are creating their real homes deep underground." Ever wonder why when a hose is placed into the ground and turned on the the water just disappears underground? There's a reason for that! Gophers create flood channels designed to divert water that enters their tunnels. The water flows away from their nest and travels deeper underground or washes out somewhere else. This method could lead to major problems down the road with undermining foundations or hillsides or slopes, not to mention your water bill!

In San Diego and are in need of a gopher control expert? Call Southern California's longest running gopher control company, Gopher Patrol. Gopher Patrol has been in business for over 17 years. They have an A+ rating with the BBB and are recent winners of the Angie's List Super Service Award in 2 categories this year, Pest Control/Extermination and Animal Removal. They can be reached at 1-888-466-4674 or visit them at


Gopher Gone...Why Calling Gopher Patrol May Be the Only Way to Eliminate Gophers!

You have spent time, money, and effort on your beautiful lawn. You have nurtured it, cared for it, planned the landscaping carefully and meticulously. Your yard is the envy of all the neighbors, and rightly so. Your garden is lush and productive, with prize-winning tomatoes, cucumbers, and gorgeous roses. That was before the gophers and moles moved in.

Now, your lawn looks like a travesty of its former beauty, with mounds and tunnels scarring the surface. Expensive plants are drooping or dead. The garden looks like a skeleton of its former self, and you are pulling your hair out trying to find a way to deal with the vermin that live and breed under the ground. You need gopher control.

What’s even worse is these animals have enough intelligence to adapt to different types of efforts to remove them. They seem to know how to avoid traps and how to shun baits and poison. They’re not stupid, and they will continue to breed and infiltrate your beloved home paradise until you find an effective gopher control. Sometimes, when the infestation is too much to handle, the only thing to do is call a gopher control specialist.

Although totally eliminating gophers and moles from your yard is most likely not possible, controlling them, is. This may require regular visits from a gopher control specialist, but when compared to the cost of the damage moles and gophers can do, it is a great investment and well worth it.

Part of the problem is identifying the varmint responsible for so much damage. A specialist is expert in pinpointing the type of critter killing your lawn and garden. To make matters worse, gophers and moles can also damage foundations, trees, and cause accidents with their holes and tunnels. They carry diseases such as rabies or monkey pox, and if cornered, gophers can bite and are quite vicious. It’s best to leave the gopher control to the experts.

Your gopher control expert will discuss the options available to you for gopher control. This might entail trapping the gophers, or seeding poison bait. It’s up to you to decide which option is best for you. Poison may not be the best choice, especially if you have small children, pets, or other animals nearby that could be affected.

You long for the glory days of your beautiful yard, luscious garden, and flawless lawn. Get rid of those gophers and moles wreaking havoc by investing in the services of a gopher control expert, and regain control over your property.


Birds and Attic Cleanouts

We recently were contacted by one of our regular customers after they discovered that they had a problem with pigeons nesting in their eaves.  After sending our bird expert to the property we were able to access the situation and come up with a plan of attack. We started by power washing and sanitizing the areas the birds had begun nesting in. After that we sealed the areas the birds had used to keep them from trying to rebuild their nest. We also placed bird spikes in strategic areas on the roof to discourage the pigeons form landing on the customers roof and dirtying up their sidewalk and porch area. After the bird expert left the customers home was again bird free, and now the customer can relax and enjoy their porch, without the uninvited guests.

We also just completed an attic clean-out for a new customer of ours who had rodents nesting in their attic for some time. Rats had made their home from insulation and other materials found throughout the home. Rats have the bad habit of also using any surface they are walking over to "relieve themselves". This makes for a very smelly and hazardous environment. Our rodent experts rolled up their sleeves and got to work on removing soiled insulation, sanitizing and sealing up any entry points that rodents outside might of tried to use to enter the attic. We were able to complete the job in only one day! No job is too small or to large for our attic cleanout experts. We have cleaned out the attics of regular sized track homes to attics for large churches and commercial businesses.

With Memorial Day soon approaching we are preparing for a onslaught of ant and bug calls. the warmer the weather becomes in the next few months the more these bugs will begin to surface, and Gopher Patrol is ready!

Happy gopher hunting, The Gopher Guy!


Gopher and Rodent Season in Full Swing

Gophers and rodents are out! Gopher and rodent activity has been reported everywhere from Oxnard to Beaumont. With this current outbreak its time to call the experts. Gopher Patrol has been hard at work answering all of your calls and dispatching Technicians to help you with your gopher and rodent problems.

The Gopher Guy strongly recommended taking advantage of Gopher Patrol's MONTHLY MAINTENANCE PLANS. The only way to fight these rodents is with ongoing and dedicated service. With the monthly maintenance plan your covered for the whole month. Weather you need us once, twice or more Gopher Patrol does not stop until that gopher or rodent is dead! The great thing about Gopher Patrol's monthly service is that there are NO CONTRACTS! Cancel at any time, the decision is yours. On the other hand, if you need ongoing control, take advantage of special discounts if you commit to as little as 6 months or a year. 

Another great aspect to the monthly maintenance is that the treatment is working hard even while the technician is gone! Gopher bait lays in wait directly inside of the gophers tunnel. A hungry gopher won't resist the bait and we've got em'. Some customers will report gopher sign only to soon learn that by the time we have arrived (which is pretty quick) the gopher has gotten to the previous treatment and has already been taken care of. 

The gopher exterminators that you can count on are the ones at Gopher Patrol. Southern California's experts at rodent exclusion and gopher elimination. Call or schedule an appointment today.

Time for the Gopher Guy to sign off. Happy Gopher Hunting!