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Gopher Patrol Saves by Using Successful Gopher and Pest Control Treatments

The 2 visit service including a 30 day warranty thereafter offered by Gopher Patrol is helpful in protecting gardens and lawns from the ever hungry, ever vicious gophers, moles, and voles looking to feast.

 The baiting and trapping programs they offer are most efficient. It may be difficult to choose gopher and pest control with all of the different products and companies. However, Gopher Patrol has proven to be successful and continually growing for over 17 years. They use various forms of pest control for insects including organic oils and mixtures to protect infants and the elderly.

 And instead of having a personal tree demolition service, gophers will cut down into pieces those plentiful peach tree orchards for you, one root at a time. Just as harmful as gophers eating the roots, squirrels and rats will climb up and eat every one of the Georgia sized peaches. The only all encompassing server of all of Southern California is Gopher Patrol. They have been gopher, squirrel and rodent controlling since the 1990s! They offer services for pests as well; being able to strive for lush lawns and pest free homes is their goal.

 Gopher Patrol is an eco friendly company that saves lawns, trees, and gardens from harmful pests, including gophers, bugs, rats, and voles. Call anytime at 888-466-4674 and make sure to mention the online discount or schedule an appointment at!


99 Problems and They’re all Gophers: How to Get Rid of Gophers

Gophers are the havoc causing, detrimental eaters of plants flowers, trees, weeds, grass, orchards, gardens anything that grows green. Gopher Patrol’s main inherited purpose is to rid those lush lawns and fruitful orchards of gophers.

Gophers are intelligent, sly, mischievous rodents that will come and take over the properties, one neighbor at a time. They aim to score everything that may have any sentimental or monetary value to home owners and landscapers. There are many ways to ATTEMPT to control them including:

 Moth balls

  1. Water hose
  2. Juicy Fruit
  3. Dry mashed potatoes
  4. Human hair
  5. Castor oil, soap, and corncob granules
  6. Various home or gardening store products

However, if the Houdini gopher is the type actively destroying all that is green there is one saving force to call, Gopher Patrol has been annihilating gophers for 17 years.  Gopher control is hard enough with one gopher, but once they have mass produced, they turn into a complete epidemic. Together they will be able to escape any destructive force trying for complete annihilation, your next best move will be to Call Gopher Patrol. They use two of the most effective methods of gopher exterminating. Trapping and baiting are their main source of containing and eliminating the pests.

Gopher Patrol controls gophers all throughout Southern California from the hot hell of the Inland Empire all the way to the breezy Ventura County coast. They have an A+ rating with the BBB and are Award winners of the Angie’s List Super Service Award. They can be reached at 888-466-4674 or visit them at and find an online discount.


Summer Tips on Keeping your Home Pest Free

BBQ’s, pool parties, and long breezy nights can be an opportune time for fun AND pests. Flies and ants can be main contenders in fighting for those skewers of meat and shrimp which can lead to an extra bite of protein, some people might prefer to do without. Here at Gopher Patrol we promote using chemical as well as organic forms of pest control. The following are some at home remedies is trying to control the pesky flies.


  1. Pick a cup. Taller cups work best.
  2. Get a sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper and twist it into a funnel leaving a hole bigger than a fly at the bottom. Regular printer paper will work just fine.
  3. Holding the paper cone in place, lower it into the cup to make sure it inly sits about about halfway in. You can go down farther, but the more room you leave under the cone the more sweet stuff you can fit in the cup.
  4. Remove the cone and tape the edge so it holds its shape.
  5. Fill the bottom of the cup with honey (or whichever you prefer).
  6. Put the cone back in the cup and place the cup near your fly problem.

Don’t worry, at first the flies won’t suddenly be flocking to your new trap, and if you have a lot of ground to cover you’ll probably need at least three. Make the number you require and then wait about 24-48 hours. In time, the flies will find their way inside the cup and die.

This fly trap may work best for you, you can also do more with your honey. There is a second option made with cooked honey, sugar and water; it is a sticky icky fly paper that can be put all around the home. This paper will attract the flies so well; you might have to change it every day.

If this summer fly traps and paper aren’t your thing, make sure to check out Gopher Patrol’s interactive and informative website at, where you can fill out their schedule and appointment form. A Gopher Patrol representative will get back to you same day to help with those increasing summer pest and gopher control needs. Gopher Patrol is available Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm and on Saturdays from 9am-2pm. You can reach them at 1-888-466-4674 or locally at 1-951-689-8200.


Gopher Patrol Now Offering Same Day Gopher Control Service in Riverside

Gopher Patrol recently announced that same day service is now available for new customers in the city of Riverside. Time is critical when dealing with gophers. Within a matter of hours a gopher can cause extensive damage to your lawn. "We saw that there was a serious concern in the city of Riverside with gophers," states Richard Hernandez, Service Manager at Gopher Patrol, "so we knew we had to take action." Finding a experienced gopher exterminator is not an easy task, getting them out quickly is even more difficult. Gopher Patrol saw that Riverside was in urgent need of quick service and set out to help by making same day service a possibility in Riverside. Gopher Control has become a serious concern in Riverside. Gophers can cause damage to properties, undermine foundations and cause serious damage to hillsides and slopes. Gopher Patrol has been serving Southern California for over 17 years and recently won the Angie's List Super Service Award for the 2nd year straight in the Animal Control category and won their first Angie's List Super Service Award in the Pest Control/Extermination category. "We make every effort to get out the same day, and in most cases we can if contacted early enough in the day. If we can't make it, we will definitely be out the very next day. Less than 24 hours from the time of the call is our goal, and so far we have been able to make that goal, and our customers are very happy that we can do that now," states Richard.

Gopher Patrol has been under the same ownership since 1996 when they opened for business. They are fully licensed and all their technicians are licensed and registered with the DOJ. For more information on how Gopher Patrol can help you can visit their website at or you can fill out their schedule and appointment form online and a Gopher Patrol representative can get back to you same day. Gopher Patrol is available Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm and on Saturdays from 9am-2pm. You can reach them at 1-888-466-4674 or locally at 1-951-689-8200.

Gopher control has been Gopher Patrols main business for their 17 years in service. Most of the methods and treatment schedules we're perfected by Gopher Patrol. "17 years ago you couldn't find a company that knew how to treat for gophers," Richard states, "We saw a serious need for gopher control and took the challenge, now we see another challenge, same day service, and happily take that challenge too."


Gopher Patrol Offering Gopher Control Service in Los Angeles

Gopher Patrol is now offering gopher control gassing methods in Los Angeles, Ca. Until recently, gassing for gophers was not available in Los Angeles. Recent changes in the law have allowed for the use of gas tablets again, with certain restrictions. Gopher control experts have had access to the gas tablets in the past, but a few years back restrictions made it all but impossible to treat in residential communities. Recent changes in the law have loosened those restrictions. Access to the gas tablets is still restricted and pest control companies do need to carry special permits and licenses to use the product. Gopher Patrol is a company that carries the special restricted material permit to use the gas tablets.

Gopher control experts for over 17 years, Gopher Patrol also has an extra special advantage when it comes to gopher removal, experience. Gopher Patrol has been serving Los Angeles for 17 years, making them the longest lasting and most reliable gopher control company in Southern California. "Just placing bait or gas tablets in the tunnels won't assure you are getting a good service," states Brandon Rodriguez, Service Supervisor for Gopher Patrol, "You really need to know how gophers work, what their habits are, etc." Even with the current changes to the law, you still want experts doing the job. Gopher Patrol has shown over the years that they really are the experts at gopher control.

Los Angeles with its proximity to hills and mountains, warm weather and landscaped communities is a breeding ground for gophers. "Every year, we get calls from customers who recently moved in from another state. They are shocked to see gopher activity year round", says Ethan Hernandez, General Manager of Gopher Patrol, "They are used to gophers hibernating in the winter, that just doesn't happen in So Cal". Some residential properties will still not be allowed to use the gas products, and that's why experience is the best method. If you have questions about gopher control methods we reccomend you call the experts at Gopher Patrol.

Gopher Patrol has been in business under the same ownership for 17 years. They have a fleet of trained and licensed technicians that are truly experts in thee gopher control business. They can be visited at or by calling 1-888-466-4674. Gopher Patrol is a full service pest control company and they have a A rating on Angie's List and are current Super Service Award Winners in 2 categories this year, Animal Control and Pest Control/Extermination.