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Increased Ant Populations taking over Households

The ants go marching one by one… into kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, garages. Ants seem to be taking over this summer! Being that the activity depends on their body temperature, hotter weather means plentiful amounts of minuscule creatures invading homes, on a mission to gather food and build colonies.

There are various forms of home remedy treatments including baby powder, salt, cayenne pepper, bay leaves, and cinnamon that have been known to work. However according to Gopher Patrol’s Service Technician Manager Robert Sena, “The best known way to control and maintain ants would be with pest sprays and baiting. The spray creates a barrier to keep them out, deterring them from entering any of the crawl spaces they may usually be attracted to. These pest sprays dry fast and give you at least a 30 day residual.” With bating, the bait attracts the ants as a food. The ants eat the food, and then share the food where it is transferred from the worker ants to the larvae in the colony.

Baiting and pest sprays combined are the most successful at keeping ant problems at bay. Gopher Patrol offers Summer specials for their pest monthly treatments. Be sure to ask! Global warming is heating our earth up, making for a HOT summer. Make sure to take precautions as much as you can for the active ants by removing food sources, sealing doorways and cracks, as well as removing harborage from outside of homes and yards. Be careful when handling large amounts of red ants, they may be dangerously aggressive, biting and swarming if threatened. Very young animals, caged animals, or those that have difficultly moving are most likely to be stung. Also, animals with open sores, hot spots, irritated skin, or limited mobility are very attractive to frenzied fire ants.